Karen Ann Everett1,2

F, b. 10 November 1963, d. 16 October 1988
MotherCorrine Mary Delevieleuse1,3,2 b. 18 May 1932, d. 19 Mar 1976
Relationship3rd cousin of Taryn Lynn Phelan
           Karen Ann Everett was born on 10 November 1963 at Alexandria, Virginia..1
     Karen Ann Everett resided in 1976 at Alexandria, Virginia.3
     Karen Ann Everett died on 16 October 1988 at 2040 N.Main St., Waterbury, Connecticut, at age 24.4,1 She was buried on 21 October 1988 at St. Bridget's Cemetery, Cheshire, Connecticut.1

Obituaries and Other News Articles

     The following are excerpts from an article in the Waterbury Sunday Republican dated November 23, 2008, which reported on the unsolved murders alongside Route 8 in Harwinton, CT: The title is Forgotten Valley.
          (Excerpt) Karen Everett, 24, was last seen alive Oct. 14, 1988, on North Main Street in Waterbury, where she lived and worked.
     A hunter found her body the next day, nude except for a gray tank top, dumped at the bottom of a ravine off valley Road in Harwinton.
     Her former employer and landlord, Alan Lane, who is now 77 and struggles to remember all the details, remembered Everett as being different from other in his neighborhood, which was at the time a hangout for prostitutes and drug addicts.
     Everett was a heroin user, but Lane said he hired her as a courier for his mortgage firm and rented her an apartment above the office because he and his wife thought she would overcome her addiction.
     "She was real nice and a good worker", he said of Everett, who counted reading and writing as a hobby. "She wasn't like the other girls on the street. She was a tomboy. She loved to race and show horses and she'd won ribbons. She showed me a photo once."
     Lane said Everett came from a well-to-do family in Virginia, and moved to Waterbury in 1981 for reasons that were never clear, although her maternal grandmother lived in Cheshire.
      Lane said Everett seemed eager to clean up her life. She fantasized about enrolling in college, and he signed her up for methadone treatment at a Waterbury clinic.
     Lane confirmed the police description of Everett as a loner. "Other than my wife and I, I don't think she had a friend in the world", he said.
     Two weeks before she disappeared, Everett was caught in a Waterbury park with 9 bags of heroin and arrrested, according to police reports. She was released on bail pending trial.
     Early Friday evening on Oct. 14, 1988, Everett told Lane she was heading downtown. The company car she usually used was broken so she left on foot. He offered her a ride, but she refused.
     Her body was discovered the next day in Harwinton. She had been strangled and was identified by police and her fingerprints.5

Residence Records

1976Alexandria, VirginiaKaren Ann Everett resided in 1976 at Alexandria, Virginia.3


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